How to Maximize Your Current Wardrobe

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Happy new year friends and, if you’re like me, happy new budget! After the over spending that’s bound to happen in December from buying gifts for others and let’s be honest those sneaky Black Friday deals for myself, I always crave some from of a spending fast in the new year. Style doesn’t always have to be about rocking the current trend and I believe you can do a lot with what’s hanging in your closet so whether you’re spending your money on school books or just giving your pocket book a break, let’s talk about my top tips for making the most of your current wardrobe.

  1. Start with the laundry. i bet your favorite things are buried at the bottom of a hamper, you love them so you’re wearing them. In order to move on to step two everything must be hanging up and clean.
  2. Time for a closet clean out. Now that your eyes are on everything you own and it’s in its proper place, you’re free to move on from pieces that are no longer working for you. You’ve identified your favorites. Your ‘capsule wardrobe’ if you will. They were the items you washed and the ones that get the most wear. Be real about your lifestyle. Are you mostly going to school and church? You may not need 52 prom dresses. If those are what makes you happy, that’s ok! Keep a sparkly dress to wear to your next murder mystery party or layer your favorite dress with a sweater to make it appropriate for Sunday, but I bet there are some you can let go of and make sure your every day clothing is accessible and can be seen to help the getting dressed process to be as easy as possible.
  3. Seek inspiration for your current closet. I love Pinterest for this because of its searchability. Create a new board, name it ‘my closet’ or your clever version of the title, and start searching things you have in your closet to see new outfits you may not have thought of. Save pins that pair things you own for your personalized style board each time you’re getting ready.
  4. Try out of the box combos. My favorite way to do this is by hanging shirts and blouses directly over pants and dresses. Your eye will immediately pair a top with a bottom and even if the item hanging directly beneath doesn’t work it may inspire you to try a new color combination or texture that does. If you’re not able to arrange your clothes from top to bottom, another trick I learned by watching Rachel Parcell is to choose one piece you want to wear and quickly pass it by every possible piece to see if something catches your eye. I’ve created many outfits I wouldn’t have thought of before with this method.
  5. Give every piece its turn. Now that you’ve cleaned out the pieces you’re not wearing everything in your closet is a winner! But I’ll bet by next week your hamper will hold the same 14 things you washed this week. Give every item its turn by only wearing each thing once. Give yourself a marker or take photos so you don’t repeat outfits. At the end of the season anything you haven’t worn must go. A bonus of this method is it’s a simple way of cleaning your closet without having to dedicate a Saturday afternoon to the process.

The Ultimate Swimsuit Guide 2016

I put my stylist skills to good use this year while enduring the dreaded bathing suit shopping, and guess what!? Following the tip I share with you in the video below it wasn't so bad! I'm hoping this tip as well as the best of the best suit options will make swimsuit shopping more enjoyable if not downright fun for you too! 

Busty girls:

Hippy girls: 

Curvy girls: 

Linear girls: 

Plus-sized girls

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More Valuable Than a Pot of Gold with She Traveled

My closet lives by the philosophy that less is more. On a scale of one to ten if ten is "Get out of my closet" and ten is "I wish I could wear it everyday" I have enough sixes, sevens, and eights so if I'm going to bring something home with me it's got to be a ten! When I'm out shopping I find that the difference between an ok piece and a winner lies in the details. Let's discuss five outfit details I look for that are more valuable than a pot of gold.

1. Transition-ability. As a Stylist, wife, mom to two boys, etc., etc., I wear many hats both figuratively and literally. I have fancy dresses that I only wear to blog parties and I have boyfriend jeans I only wear to park play dates. I love when I find pieces that work for all areas of my life with just a change of filler pieces or accessories.

2. Covered up AND cute. I've always held myself to a high standard of modesty. It's important to me that I respect my body by being covered up without any tugging or fussing with my clothes after they are on. I also think it's important to dress in a way that reflects my personality and style. Over the years I've gotten quite good at finding modest gems in a sea of rubbish, but it is nice to have a store like She Traveled in my back pocket where I know everything is an option.

3. Darling Details. Color, pattern, texture, and shine are all the details that take an outfit up a notch. I love adding texture and sparkle to my outfits with accessories, but I love it even more when those elements are built into the pieces and do my hard work for me. The Charleston skirt not only checks the boxes for color and pattern, it also has an accordion slit in the back, making it extra special. I love the lace sleeve on the Houston Top that gives the basic blue a romantic update. In my casual pairing I'm wearing the Metallic Linen Vee which has a metallic thread woven in with the linen. In the hot summer months coming I won't need to add statement necklaces or stacks of bracelets with this tee because the shirt is a shiny update from a basic tee. 

These are a few of the things I look for when shopping for additions to my wardrobe. Be sure to check out She Traveled for a rainbow of options to add to your own closet!