Maskcara Color Match Quiz


Choose the option that applies best to your natural coloring. 

1. What color is your hair?
A. Blonde, brown, black hair with ash tones
B.  Strawberry blonde, red, brown, black hair with gold tones
C. A mixture

2. What color are your eyes?
A.  Blue, gray, green, hazel with blue flecks
B. Brown, amber, hazel with golden flecks
C. A combination of the abov

3. When you look at your face without makeup which undertones do you notice?
A. Pink, red, bluish undertones
B.  Yellow, peachy, golden undertones
C. A mixture

4. Which color jewelry makes your skin appear more radiant and glowing?
A. Silver
B. Gold
C. Bot

5. Which colors do you tend to wear and gravitate toward?
A. White and black hues
B. Off-white and brown/tan shades
C. Both

Click on the photo that reflects your most common answer.