"Tiffany came to my house for a closet analysis and it was a great experience! I love shopping and buying new clothes but when it comes to putting outfits together I am terrible! We went through my entire closet together and picked out some clothing items that I had no idea how to wear or what to wear them with. She helped me put together multiple outfits from head to toe, accessories included. She is amazing at that! Then she took pictures of the outfits so I could reference them later on. She also taught me about which body type I have and the clothes and colors that would be flattering on me. I felt much more comfortable putting outfits together and when we were done. I had a great experience and will definitely be hiring her again!"

- Kierstie, Hair Stylist

"A huge shout out to Tiffany who is now my favorite personal shopper! She helped me out so much today when we were shopping for the latest trends and staples!"

-Lydia, Billing specialist

"I recently lost a lot of weight and have been dealing with my work requiring a different wardrobe than what I had. Tiffany did a full work over on me and it was not only a blast- but way more affordable than I would have thought! I received several compliments on the outfits Tiffany helped to create.

-Brie, Baby Basics Education, business owner 

"When it comes to style sense, Tiffany has an array of fashion options to gear you in the right direction. Tiffany told me what colors look good on me, and took photos of me in outfits she paired with up. She also convinced me to dump my maternity outfits too! It was the best thing I could do for myself and was a boost of self-confidence. She is very personable, sweet, and can sense your personal style."

-Elizabeth, Entrepreneur