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I get it. You’re busy and you’re tired. And yet, you’re looking for another option than the yoga pants and t shirt you throw on day after day. You spend your time shopping online thinking this purchase will be ‘it’ only to try it on and disappointedly add it to your growing return pile. You know there’s a better way to show up in life but you just haven’t found it yet. What if it didn’t have to be so hard? What if the secret to the effortless, put together style you’re after was hanging right in your closet?

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Five years as a Personal Stylist and ten in the beauty industry has shown me that most women know the look they’re after, what you lack is the confidence to put it together. After a Style Session with me you will have the knowledge to not only create captivating ensembles all on your own, but a deeper understanding of what to donate the next time you clean out your closet- all from the comfort of your home! What are you waiting for? Book a Style Session today!

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Put your best foot forward by discovering all the elements that make up your unique personal style. Learn about dressing to flatter your body type and explore your fashion personality. We'll discuss the ways to incorporate the put-together look you're after into your busy lifestyle. Unveil the secrets to the finishing touches that make up your ideal ensemble when we style up to three pieces currently in your closet.  

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