5 Pieces Every New Mom Needs

Baby is here! You're feeling exhausted and oh so happy at the same time. You are relieved to not be pregnant anymore, that is until you walk into your closet and realize you have nothing to wear. The first step to dressing your new body is to leave your closet, kiss your baby, admire his perfection, and remember he was all worth it! With this perspective refresher, you're now ready to shop for the five pieces every new mom needs.

1. A Multi-Purpose Pair of Jeans

We have come full circle from maternity jeans and it's time to invest in a pair for the new you. They don't have to be expensive, in fact they shouldn't be. But the reality is you won't be fitting into your skinny jeans for a while, and returning to maternity clothes is just sad. Look for a mid rise to help control your tummy and a dark wash that allows you to wear them for all occasions.

 2. Softer Than Soft Jammies

You will be spending your nights, and let's face it some days too, lounging in your PJs. Do yourself a favor and buy the Alfani Essentials set. The tag reads softest soft and it doesn't lie. I tried these pajamas on and went home and dreamt about them. When I went back to Macy's to buy them, I told the clerk I thought they would make my life better. Her response: They will.

3.  A Cute Pair of Sweats

I don't condone sweat pants at the mall, movie theater, out to dinner, or any public place. But as a new mom you may need to make a quick run to get diapers, medicine, or ice cream : ) You want to look presentable without sacrificing comfort. I emphasize the word cute because your husband's sweats or the ones you use to paint in don't serve the same purpose.

4. A Cotton Blazer

New outerwear will jazz up any of your old tops as well as hide your middle. The cut of this jacket will create an hourglass shape for you and nip in your waistline, until yours comes back The thick material will create a streamlined look and the soft cotton feel is perfect for snuggling a new baby.

5. A New Blouse

Sure you have the ones you wore during the first trimester, but you deserve something new. This top  paired with your new jeans will be your foolproof outfit to give you the confidence to go anywhere important until you can return to your old clothes.