The Ultimate Swimsuit Guide 2016

I put my stylist skills to good use this year while enduring the dreaded bathing suit shopping, and guess what!? Following the tip I share with you in the video below it wasn't so bad! I'm hoping this tip as well as the best of the best suit options will make swimsuit shopping more enjoyable if not downright fun for you too! 

Busty girls:

Hippy girls: 

Curvy girls: 

Linear girls: 

Plus-sized girls

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Body Type: Straight Figure

If you answered E and have an angular shape, you have a straight figure. To find a waistline, so you don't get lost in your clothes, purchase pieces which create it for you through a wide band. You can also belt your outfit, only after making sure there is sufficient volume on either hemisphere. Most designers create garments with you in mind. Your body resembles the same ones they send down the runway to sell their clothing. You have the most freedom when it comes to clothing choices.You also want to create volume on both your top and bottom halves. You can do this through bright colors, embellished garments, and details, details, details. If you have a straight figure and are petite, take care not to overwhelm your small frame with large prints and patterns.     
Straight Figure Casual
Straight Figure Fancy

Body Type: Hourglass Figure

If you answered D and have curves with a defined waist, you have an hourglass figure. Hourglass bodies are perhaps the most coveted, and don't need a lot of embellishment. Keep the line of your tops and bottoms simple and clean, and let your va va voom do the talking. V neck tops, button downs, and cowl necks are all great options for your top half, while boot cut jeans and A line skirts will best flatter your lower half. Don't forget to highlight your natural waist with a belt or built in seam. Let your fashion personality shine through your accessories: Statement earrings, bold shoes and belts, bracelets, and bags can all be colorful, sparkly, bold, and full of character.  If you have an hourglass figure with some middle figure considerations, follow the same guidelines, leaving the belt off. The only thing remaining is to work it, girl!
Hourglass Casual

Hourglass Fancy