Fashion Personality: Edgy

If you answered mostly E's in the fashion personality quiz, your style is edgy. You love avant garde and asymmetrical pieces. You dress to make a bold statement and love anything with visible hardware. You are inspired by music and the arts. You love monochromatic looks and your favorite color is black. You may be sterotyped as serious or assertive. It is most important for your clothing to be daring and push the fashion limit.

Fashion Personality: Dramatic

If you answered the fashion personality quiz with mostly D's your fashion personality is dramatic. You follow trends religiously and everything you wear is splashy and striking. When you walk into a room, heads turn just at your presence. You may be sterotyped as loud or lively. You don't shy away from the spotlight and dress accordingly. You love sparkle, bold color, and fitted clothing. Above all your clothing must make a fashion statement.

Fashion Personality: Classic

If you answered mostly C's in the fashion personality quiz your style is Classic. You love old Hollywood glamour and have a timeless look. You love basic pieces and appreciate tailoring and quality. You may be stereotyped as responsible or traditional. You prefer solid colors and skip most runway trends. It is most important that your clothing be functional and practical.