Style Showcase: Ashley

Hello! I hope everyone had a fantastic fourth. Today I'm thrilled to introduce the adorable Ashley from her style blog,  Raspberry Glow. Ashley says, "I created Raspberry Glow to share my passion for the Beauty & Fashion industry! I have been a cosmetologist for over 8 years and love everything about it. I love making people look and feel beautiful. My favorite aspect of cosmetology is hair coloring. It's amazing how someone's image and confidence can be greatly improved with something as simple as a little hair color! When I'm not working, you can usually find me shopping or hanging out with my hunky husband. We have been married for just over a year and we are loving the married life. :)"

Her Personal Style- I would describe my style as girly with an edge. I love feminine details like bows and flowers, but I also love black clothing and spikes and studs details. I love mixing styles and trends and I am a firm believer that there are no rules to fashion! As long as you feel confident in what you are wearing, there is never a need to second guess your style. Some people may not like it, but who cares! I learned the lesson "you can never please everybody" the hard way.

Her Go-to Outfit- My go to outfit is leggings and boots for the fall/winter and maxi dresses or skirts for the spring/summer. Both can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Outfit 1- The first dress is a structured white dress that I paired with turquoise jewelry and shoes to add a pop of color. 

Dress- Bohme. Shoes-Forever Young. Necklace- Forever 21.

Get Her Look- 1. Dry shampoo is my best friend. I use it every day whether I have washed my hair that day or not. Spray it on your roots to absorb oil and add volume, and spray it on your ends if you feel like your hair is looking too "piecey" (which is usually a result of product overuse). My favorite dry shampoo is Suave. Yes, the Suave you get from the drugstore. I have tried almost all the expensive and inexpensive brands and this one is my favorite! And you can't beat the $3 price tag! :)

2. I am obsessed with bargain shopping. My best advice is go to stores like TJ Maxx & Ross right when they open. It will make your experience so much more enjoyable because not only will you avoid all of the terrible things that come with shopping at a discount store (unorganized inventory, moms who bring their 10 screaming children, long dressing room & check out lines) ,but you will have the best selection of inventory. Another tip is to ask an employee what days of the week they receive their shipments. These types of store usually get shipments twice a week

Her Favorite Beauty Product- Nail Envy by OPI. I have really brittle nails and if I don't have this nail strengthener on my nails at all times I go a little crazy. I usually wear it alone, but it is also a good base coat if you are applying color on top. I also can't live without chap stick. There is nothing I hate more than not having chap stick when I really need it, which I why I carry around like 5 tubes in my purse all the time...just in case!

Outfit 2- This outfit is a comfy casual outfit with a slouchy trouser pant,a chiffon blouse and some fun strappy heels. 

Top- Charlotte Russe. Pants- TJ Maxx. Shoes- Nordstrom Rack.

Her Style Inspiration- My main style inspiration right now comes from reading other blogs! I am new to the blogging world, but I have been discovering so many adorable blogs written by fabulous people with great style. I also like to go the mall to window shop and people watch for inspiration, and to keep up on the latest trends!

Outfit 3- This last outfit is a classic printed dress. I added a matching floppy hat for a fun "city" vibe.

Dress- H&M. Hat- American Eagle Outfitters via Marshalls Shoes- Urban Og.

Thanks for sharing your style city chic style, Ashley! Be sure to check out her darling blog for more outfit inspiration! 

Style Showcase: Katie

Today I'm excited to introduce Katie from Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Katie says, " I am 22 years old and married the love of my life 2 years ago this May. When I was 3 years old I knew I wanted to be a ballerina and graduated with my BA in dance last April. I have the perfect job teaching and performing 6 days a week but I am going back to school for a nursing degree... because I am a nerd and LOVE learning. The hubby is in dental school and so I spend a lot of my time cooking/baking and trying to get him fat... it doesn't work. I am from South Carolina and I am so proud of where I grew up and the lessons I learned in hospitality and sass."

Tell me about your personal style-

Honestly, I love anything. And I can't lie, as a dancer I am often in sweats and t-shirts, but I find any excuse to dress up when we go out! I really love dress because it gives you a canvas to add on your own style. My go to item is always SHOES! I love them so so much and find any excuse to buy a pair. I probably have 5 pairs of black heels. :/ haha

 Outfit 1- Usually I am not hitting F21 for my main fashion piece; usually it's the shoes and accessories. But, this time I scored this gorgeous feminine dress and paired it with a navy blazer for some added color contrast. 
Dress & Belt: Forever 21, Jacket: Talbots, Shoes: Gianni Bini

What are your beauty secrets?
I always wear sunscreen when I am out and make sure it's in my make-up. I also really love buying a fashion item that will last through the trends. I am really into classic pieces, but I pick up a trendy item here and there too.

What is your beauty must have?
Volum' Express The Falsies blackest black mascara by maybelline NOT waterproof!

Outfit 2- This simple dress was a perfect steal at Banana Republic on sale and in my size, I just about died! I love dresses that I feel could be worn for years or passed down to my future children and never go out of style. It's a twist on the (LBD) with the slimming white outline. 
 Dress- Banana Republic. Shoes- Charlotte Russe. Belt- Vintage.

Where do you get your style inspiration?
I love the timelessness of Audrey Hepburn and her big hats and I wish so bad that everyone wore hats more often! I also love seeing something in a store and making it my own.

Outfit 3-

Outfit 1- My nerdy self came out in this prep argyle sweater. I loved the pops of color to brighten up fall. Argyle is just one of those classic patterns for me.

Sweater & Boot Socks- Target. Shirt- Levi's. Skirt- H&M. Tights- Forever 21. Boots- Steve Madden. Purse- Tommy Hilfiger at Ross.

Thanks for sharing your sassy and sweet style, Katie! To see more outfits and maybe even try a new recipe, check out the Mr. & Mrs. Smith blog

Style Showcase: Krista

Today I'm so thrilled to present Krista from her lifestyle blog Lazy Saturdays. Krista says, "I share posts that range from personal style, to diy tutorials, to upcycling ideas. I also am a trashion designer. Basically I make clothes out of trash. I've even made a dress out of a car! I blog as a way to keep myself moving forward creatively."

Outfit 1- The striped shirt is thrifted. The belt is stollen from another dress. The skirt is Nanette Lepore marked waaaay down. The shoes are Anthropologie also marked waaaay down. The tights are Hue brand. And the glasses are from my optometrists office :)

Tell us about your style-  I love color. I feel really strange when I'm not colorful. You will never see me in all black. I usually have at least three colors on at once. I'd also describe my style as fun. Clothing is fun! And I like to have fun with what I wear! Lastly, I can't forget comfortable. I never wear anything I don't feel great it. When you don't feel great in your clothes, it shows.

What is your go-to outfit?

I just became a mom several months ago and my clothing choices have definitely changed! My go to outfit now is a comfy skirt (fits my mamma hips while I'm waiting for my old clothes to fit again) and a button up top with a fun pattern (easy for breastfeeding and the print hides any spit up that I get on me! Ha!). 

Outfit 2- The green sweater is from Nordstrom but it was originally white. I dyed it green and added buttons. The skirt is made from an old men's shirt I thrifted. I also picked up the belt at a thrift store as well. The boots are from Target and the tights are Hue brand. 

What are your fashion secrets?

I get a lot of my outfit ideas while doing laundry! I keep my eyes open while all my clothes are jumbled up in a pile. Often I'll see two things together the look great that I never would have thought of while they were hanging in my closet. Plus, it makes doing laundry a little more fun!

When it comes to shopping, I either go to the thrift store or I shop sales. In fashion, everything has its season, so all apparel items eventually go on sale. If you find something you love but it's pricy, keep an eye on it. Eventually it will get marked down. And if you walk away from it, continue to think about it, and get scared that it will sell out, you will then know it's worth the price to you. So go back and treat yourself! 

Where do you get your style inspiration? Everywhere! My eyes are always open! When I'm out, I love looking at stranger's outfits. I also love the movie Penelope. I would raid her closet if I could! The internet is also a great resource! Blogs, Pintrest, magazine websites. There is so much inspiration out there!

Outfit 3- The skrit and belt are thrifted. The boots are from a friend's boutique that sadly no longer exists. The shirt if from Old Navy and the sweater is from Nordstrom.

Thanks for sharing your whimsical and bright style, Krista. Don't forget to make your way over to her blog and check out her trashion shows and other fun things she has going on. This girl is seriously amazing!