Tee Pee Birthday Party

 Dolly and Frances sure know how to throw a party! Feast your eyes on the details of this spectacular soiree below, and let the Baby Love Photos speak from themselves.

Teepee-10Invitations, table decor

tpDolly & Frances TeePee


Teepee-7Girl with Glasses, 'hi' tee, happy banner


gold scallop tee, leggings, headband, quilt

tp3baby models, lion tee, feather tunic, red moccasins 


bow, aprontp4

All the party people: co-stylist, eye lashes, hair, three cute girles

Additional props/wardrobe: dream catcher, bracelets, badges, aztec skirt, flowers clips, rosette headband

Be sure to check out Cardigan Empire and The Girls with Glasses to see more from this fun event or create your own party with the above links and your very own Dolly & Frances teepee!

What Not to Wear Recap

Can you believe WNTW is in its 10th season!? I love this show and  thought it would be fun to do a li'l recap of this seasons' episodes. The 3rd episode of the season aired last Thuraday. Simona is a scientist who found it difficult to separate her intellect from her feelings and when it comes to style, we need both. Combining the perfect ratio of analyzing how we look and how we feel will result in a perfectly balanced outfit, wardrobe, and style. (Read more about that here)

Another tip from this episode came when Stacy told Simona the reason the ensamble below worked was because the colors had the same saturation of color and did not compete with one another.

In other words, the primary blue of her blouse and the bold red of her skirt are both pure tones with the same level of brightness.

Here are a few more color hues that have the same level of saturation and would make lovely combos.

Speaking of coral and mint, my heart skipped a beat when i saw Stacy in this little number. You see, I already have a mint belt and animal print shoes, so I'm thinking I need a coral dress in my repertoire, like yesterday. In case you feel the same, here are some options to duplicate Stacy's look. And as a bonus, coral is one of the few colors that everyone can wear.

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