Back to Basics

Let's start at the very beginning. Basics are the building blocks of your wardrobe. They are the foundational, essential pieces that shape your style. After you have the basics, you can build on your wardrobe by adding trend pieces and unique accessories. Yesterday we discussed the classic and timeless basics. Today we discuss more options to help support your style. Basics will be worn over and over so it is best to consider them investment pieces. You will spend more on a basic item of clothing than you will for a trend piece. My favorite places to invest in basics are department stores, The Gap, Ann Taylor Loft and TJ Maxx or Nordstrom Rack for shoes. Try to find items on sale, but know that you will get your use out of these pieces. I have had my black pencil skirt for five years!
In addition to the classics you will need:

Trouser jeans
Another source may say you will need black dress pants and if you work in the business world, you probably do, but mine have rotated through my seasonal wardrobe several times without being worn, until finally I only kept one pair, just in case. I have not yet had an occasion to wear them. I find that most events I go to I can wear dark wash "fancy" jeans with a dressy top and heels and feel much more stylish than in my dress pants.

Skinny jeans
A great alternative to trouser jeans. Read all about skinny jeans here. Pair with your white button down blouse, a neon skinny belt, and wedges for a great spring look.

Black pumps
Dress up a pair of jeans or tone down a bold printed dress. You will come back to these again and again. Pair with your LBD, strand of pearls, and a brightly colored clutch for a classic look.

Nude pumps
Same use as black pumps, but paired with a skirt or dress they will make your legs look miles long. And who doesn't want that? 
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Now that we know what we are looking for, it's time to check our closets and go shopping! Download your printable basic checklist, see what's missing, and be on the lookout for these wardrobe essentials.