How to: Choose a Wedding Dress

In another life I am sure I was a bridal consultant. I love every delicate detail, hearing love stories, watching wedding videos, and of course the dresses. With the invention of Pinterest I'm sure I'm not the only one who would do her wedding differently. But there are a few definite things I wouldn't change: the place, my groom, and my dress. Join me as we discuss tips for the perfect dress and all the other sprinklings of fun that will make up your big day!

Before wedding dress shopping it is important to know that there are four basic silhouettes a dress can come in. They are: A-line, Ballgown, Fit and Flare, and Sheath. It is helpful to know which silhouette will best flatter your body type, but since it is your wedding day, don't rule out your favorite. Knowing that there are four basic outlines in a dress can help to eliminate the overwhelming process of beginning to try on dresses. Even if you are completely unsure of what you want, you can start by trying on four different dresses in four different shapes. Knowing what you do not want in a wedding dress is almost as important as knowing what you do want.

Click here for a handy guide of body types organized by your most flattering dress silhouette:

After you decide the silhouette you would like it is important to consider your fashion personality. You may decide that you want a timeless and classic look for your wedding, but you will still want to feel like yourself. You can have a simple dress and bring in the personality through the details and the shoes if you choose, or you can choose a dress that drips in personality. If you're not sure what your fashion personality is, refer back to this quiz.

The final step in choosing your gown is the finishing touches. This is where the magic comes in and you really feel like a bride. On Say Yes to the Dress, Atlanta they call it, "jacking up" the bride. I like to think of it as the frosting on the cupcake.

Some frosting for your cupcake: