Classic Pieces Then and Now

I have a few strategic dressing posts in the works, but it's hard to talk about things to add in our closets, when we don't have the classics. Classics are the timeless, never go out of style pieces that have stood the test of time. High expectations you say? Look and see.

Pencil Skirt
1938: Bette Davis
Now: Cameron Diaz

White button down 

1940's: Katharine Hepburn
Now: Jennifer Aniston

1950's: Grace Kelly
Now: Katie Holmes

 Strand of Pearls
1930's: Coco Chanel

Now: Sandra Bullock

Ballet Flats
1954: Audrey Hepburn
Now: Reese Witherspoon

Trench coat

 1973: Jackie Kennedy
Now: Kate Middleton
B&W photos c/o Corbis Images. 

Come back tomorrow for a basic wardrobe checklist!