Fashion Personality: Jenna

Let's take a look at Fashion Personality in action. For this project I had the pleasure of interviewing Jenna. When it comes to style, Jenna says, "I think I can safely say that I have probably gone through all of those fashion identities and then some (think The Used goth stage-weird)." Jenna has always had a look that is individually her own. She is aware of the current trends, and incorporates them in her own way. She likes to be in style but in a way that never looks like everyone else. She has also recently been accepted into the graphic design program at B.Y.U. where her style is now influenced by the clean lines, bold colors, and graphic prints she works with on a daily basis. This leads Jenna’s signature style to be both dramatic because she loves bold color and knows fashion trends, and modern (a sub-category of classic), because she favors simple silhouettes, geometric prints, and artistically inspired pieces. When describing her personal style, Jenna says, "My personal style is clean (think "less is more"), modern, with luxurious textures, fabrics, and colors to make the outfit more interesting."
One of my favorite things about Jenna's style is that it is hard to capture and impossible to duplicate, however I have come up with a few ensembles that are Jenna inspired!