Fashion Star

Are you loving this show? I like that it has almost no drama and is all about the clothes. I knew it was going to be my favorite show when it started so I turned it into a game. You can play too! There's only 2 rules:
1. You must guess if the designer will make a sale and which store it will be.
2. No buying any of the items (haha). This was to save my budget, not to be unsupportive to the designers.
Here's a review of the items the buyers chose this week in case you're not playing the game or just want to know for fun!

Available at Sak's

 by Kara

by Luciana

Available at Macy's

By Nzimiro

Available at H&M
By Ronnie

Who's your favorite designer? I'm so boring, but I don't have one yet. I think Kara could win the whole thing, but I like others too. I'm sad Ross went home. I wish it was Nikki. I'm over her maxi dresses. But I was disappointed with Ross' attitude. Sore loser. Why did he have to say, "Maybe they don't want a Republican?" I'm also disappointed they are getting rid of three at once next week. Why didn't they get rid of three on a week when they weren't as good? Guess we'll never know. 

And just for fun. . . the jacket that almost made me break rule #2. Love the braided detail.
by Luciana (week 7)