Feel-Good Friday: Breaking Rules

Speed limits, instruction manuals, turning off my cell phone before the movie starts, I tend to be a rule follower, except for one thing, fashion. Countless books and TV shows have dedicated themselves on what not to wear. : ) Are these important concepts? Absolutely! The key is that once you know all the rules, you can better understand which ones are alright for you to break. You can think of it the same way as you would the grammar rules. After you understand the rules, there are certain situations where it is appropriate to break them. However, you wouldn't begin a sentence with "and" or use contractions in an important essay. Likewise, it will never be appropriate to wear jeans and a t-shirt to a black tie event. By breaking one, or even two fashion rules you will appear edgy, fashion forward, and creative. Breaking all of them you will appear a hot mess. So if you love that orange top, but your best color is black, go for it! Just make sure that you wear a necklace in a flattering shade, and the rest of the outfit suits your body type. We have fashion guidelines to help us look our best, but above all getting dressed should be fun!

Download, print, and frame this little reminder. Put it in your bathroom or where you will see if often. Try breaking a fashion rule this weekend and see how it changes you!