How to Dress For Family Photos

The holiday season is quickly approaching and that means hot cocoa, Christmas movie marathons, and holiday cards! Taking a new family picture to ensure a picture perfect holiday season can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be! Read on to learn how to love your family pictures. 1. Step 1: Start with Yourself-  The old adage, "If mama ain't happy nobody happy" never rings truer than when choosing family photos to be displayed on the wall. All other family members can be pressed, polished, and shined, but if your outfit/hair/make up leaves you wanting the images will meet their fate on the cutting room floor. Children look cute in everything and husbands are just grateful when the ordeal is over, so take some time for yourself. Don't be afraid to shop your closet or reach for an old favorite- there's a reason why it has become a go-to, let it do its job helping you feel fabulous.

Step 2: Incorporate a Coordinating, Not Match-y Color Scheme- Play with colors carrying similar undertones and saturations. This year my husband and I chose the unexpected and unseasonal pastel palette for a fresh look for our photos. We then dressed our boys in a deeper cranberry and darker navy than their parental counterparts to stay true to the color scheme, while simultaneously faking effortlessness.


Step 3: The Devil is in the Details- Keep in mind texture, sparkle, and layers all bring a level of interest to photographs. Use this occasion of fortuity to dress your darlings to the nines in bow ties, cardis, penny loafers, and don't forget the jewelry!


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Thank you Mary Thorne Photography!