How to Move a Wardrobe

Whether or not your move takes you across town or across the country, cleaning out and boxing up all your belongings is the perfect time to take inventory. I'm a big believer of William Morris' philosophy "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." Which leaves me with one question: How did this get here? ; )

Over the years it is easy to acquire items in our homes that  we neither need nor love. The same can happen in our closets. So the first step to moving your wardrobe is to take inventory and edit.

Step 1- Edit
To begin editing your wardrobe examine each piece ask yourself the following questions:
1. Do I wear it?
2. Do I like it? 

Leaving sizes that are either too big or too small in our wardrobes leads to frustration and the "I have nothing to wear" concept. If babies are in the future it is perfectly fine to have in between or growing baby sizes of clothing, but there is no reason to hold onto larger sizes after weight loss. The same goes for clothing that is too small. Stockpiling "skinny" jeans for future days can lead to annoyance and disappointment. If you are planning to be a different size, store the too small item, boxed away and out of sight for one year. If the item still fits poorly the next time you pull it out leave it behind. 

If your clothing fits and looks fine but it is not making you feel happy, this is a great chance to give it a new home. You may even be able to sell the item to someone who will love it. Many times people are afraid to let go of items they think they should be wearing, afraid they won't have any clothes left, but the reality is most of us have our few favorite pieces every season and rotate through those. Leaving items we don't like in our closet leads to the closet full of clothes with nothing to wear concept. 

Step 2- Rotate
If your move is taking place during a seasonal transition, rotate your clothing before you move. If you are a few weeks early, chances are you will not be needing your fancy dresses and date night outfits until after you are settled in the new place. Rotating now will make unpacking at the new place easier. For Arizona weather, I rotate three times a year. Once for fall, once for spring, leaving cardigans, light sweaters, and pants at easy access, and once for summer where I live in skirts and tops that don't require layering. This move will put me right between my fall and spring wardrobe.

Step 3- Box

Begin by boxing socks, exercise clothes, hosiery, and all items that belong in drawers and on shelves. 
Next wrap shoes in tissue paper or shoe bags to avoid scuffs and scratches. Label everything with what the item is and where it will go at the new place.

Step 4- Hanging clothes

There is no need to create more work for yourself by removing clothes from hangers. Simply wrap your hanging clothes in plastic wrap or use garment bags to keep them all together and carry them straight into the new closet.

See you at the new place!

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