How to Rock a Blazer

The menswear trend is on fire right now! This can be a difficult one to pull off and still feel flirty. The blazer is a classic piece, but is often associated with being business oriented or dressy. Here are a few ways to incorporate the trend while still looking youthful and fresh.

1. Investigate details- I fell in love with this blazer from The Loft because of the coral lining and pockets. There is a pinstripe detail, grey buttons and piping, small pockets, and an overall feminine feel.

2. Opt for comfort- This cotton/poly blend feels like a fleece sweater. When you try a jacket on, be sure you can move your arms with ease and the button closure is comfortable.

3. Keep it playful- In order to avoid any matronly or business executive vibes, I paired my blazer with a T-shirt. This particular one is a map of the Manhattan subway, but any concert T or graphic print will do.

4. Bling it up- Even after I was dressed, the entire ensemble felt a little stiff and stuffy for my Romantic fashion personality. By adding some sparkly bracelets and earrings I was in my element! Try a sequin tank for evening.

5. Add a splash of color- Adding color to any outfit will bring life to it, and this is especially true of classic shapes and silhouettes. I finished off my outfit with a bold pink lip. You can add color through lip stick, bracelets, bright skinny jeans, or layering pieces.

Here are several options of blazers for you to try. 
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