Love your Peplum Skirt

Today's post comes from a reader question. You may remember the darling Jessica from her Style Showcase. I thought it would be a good opportunity to not only answer her question, but to inform the rest of you if you have similar questions. 
Jessica inquires: "I just bought the cutest olive green peplum skirt. I want to wear it in summer/winter to get my money's worth. My mom told me to pair it with a white button-up for starters, but I want more ideas/suggestions, too. Can you help me?" 

Good for you getting your money's worth from your purchases, Jessica! Your mom is right. A white button-up will look great with this skirt. In fact, you can wear it with a lot of things from your basic wardrobe. If you are looking for something different, or to make a statement, remember that olive green is a neutral and can be worn with just about anything. For a fun pop of color try navy blue, pink, or olive's color wheel complement, lavender. With a plain blouse, let your accessories do the talking. Pair a lavender blouse with a simple necklace, printed shoes, and coordinating earrings.
1. Similar
2. J. Crew
3. Topshop
4. Dillards
5. Anthropologie

Another great option for summer is a floral top. You will love this blouse from Old Navy because the print is eye-catching, yet the silhouette is simple. You will want to tuck everything into a peplum skirt to allow attention to the detail of the skirt. Balance the feminine top and flouncy skirt with a cuff bracelet and simple studs to keep your look edgy.

3. Macy's
5. Target

By trading your summer color palette for something richer, your skirt can be ready for fall! Take your look from Thanksgiving to New Year's with a sequin tank, matching cardigan, and knee high boots. Keep your styling simple by skipping a necklace and adding simple drop earrings and a wrist full of bangles.

1. Similar
2. Express
3. Macy's
4. Pink Mascara
5. J. Crew
6. Kohl's
7. Kohl's

Thanks Jessica for your inquiry, I hope this helps, and I hope it helps the rest of you, too!
If you have any style questions e-mail me at grownupdressup {at} gmail {dot} com.