Love Your Swimsuit

Barbeques, flip flops, the passing of Memorial Day, summer is here! And with summer comes the dreaded and celebrated swimsuit season. . . ready or not.  So let's discuss a few tips to not only get you through the swimsuit season, but enjoy it! 

Get a spray tan.
A wrinkle-friendly option to a real tan and the best way to camouflage imperfections and make you look leaner. If you're going on a big beach trip, or have an important event, invest in a professional. For everyday, I have heard good things about Fake Bake and Jergens.
A pre-curser to a great self tan, exfoliating will remove unwanted dry skin and leave your skin with a natural radiance. Use any exfoliating wash as long as it doesn't have almond shells in the ingredients (which cause microfiber tears in the skin) or my favorite option, granulated sugar mixed with water to create a natural exfoliant.
Don't underestimate the power of well-groomed hands and feet to your confidence. Whether going to a professional or DIY at home, don't forget to remove unsightly calluses and choose a polish color that will make you happy to look at. Candy colors or neutrals will keep you on trend this summer.

Essie- mojito madness
Essie- it's in the bag
Drink water.
Drinking water will keep you hydrated for all your fun swimming activities, help cleanse the body from toxins and cellulite, and give your skin a healthy glow.
Try on in the store.
Don't be tempted to online shop. This inhibits you by only trying on one at a time, and being disappointed when it doesn't work. It is best to plan an uninterrupted outing for the sole purpose of swimsuit shopping. Find a store with several style and fit options (I love Dillards' swim collection this year). Trying on in-store will secure your chances of finding something that will work, purchasing with confidence, and moving on to less evasive shopping, like sunglasses.

Turn it into an ensemble.
Glasses, hats, a killer cover-up, and sandals will take your swimwear and your confidence to the next level.

Choose the right one for you.

Remember that light colors and bold patterns emphasize while dark colors and solids minimize. Don't be too hard on yourself and remember swimwear always looks better in action and natural light than the unforgiving dressing room lights and 180 degree mirrors. 

Come back tomorrow for 2012 swimsuit trends!

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