Real Beauty by Kori

I'm so thrilled to introduce Kori from Real Beauty by Kori. She is such a beauty both inside and out. I was drawn to her share beauty campaign then got to meet her two darling boys who got along perfectly (mostly ;) with my boys. Stay tuned for an exciting collaboration, and in the meantime, heeeeeere's Kori: Hi my name is Kori Thompson. I am a wife, mother to two handsome boys, and hairstylist! I love doing hair and makeup and being able to create and help women feel more beautiful about themselves. While I think those things can enhance our natural beauty, I also believe they don't define us. A few months ago, I started up a blog to help women see that we are beautiful just the way we are!  Sometimes, not only as a woman, but as a hairdresser and being in the beauty industry- I get caught up in outer beauty. I find myself being obsessed with the way I look, or wishing to look like someone else. "If only I was skinnier, or had a smaller nose, or prettier hair.." You name it, I have thought of it. One of my biggest struggles in life is insecurity. It's been a life-long battle with me and the question is why? Why would I want outer beauty to define who I am? Because we all know that it doesn't. I know deep down who I am and am grateful for the talents/gifts I have been given. I have worked at being able to appreciate me for me and love who I am inside. But I also want to love who I am on the outside, as well. Even though it's not who we are as a person, I think it's important to love every part of us. We need to love how we look on the outside, even if the "world" tells us it's not beautiful. Who are they to say what pretty is and what pretty's not? So a part of my blog is to share women's stories- real, raw stories of who they are, what they are going through, and how they are getting through it. I feel like this is real beauty. Real beauty comes from inside and this is my way to help find myself while helping others learn and share experiences! On occasion, I share a beauty tip or share pictures of hair and makeup that I do. Like I said earlier, I love it and it is one of my favorite hobbies! I am so glad that Tiffany contacted me to share my blog story and I hope you all enjoy! Before I go, here is one beauty tip that I thrive off of right now: I love how natural is in. Keep in mind to just play off your features- we are already beautiful! Don't go overboard on your makeup, or your hair color!