Love Your Boyfriend Jeans

collageThe boyfriend jean is spring's update to the skinny jean we have come to depend on for the last several years. This distressed denim style brings with it a fresh and easy ambiance channeling the laid back bohemian in each of us. With the proper fit, wash, and accessories, this look will soon be a favorite of your summer repertoire. The following are all the tips you need to look chic in this style and make it your own. IMG_46551. When shopping for your perfect boyfriend jean, think outside the box. Try a skinny jean in the next size up to avoid being swallowed in your clothing. The slender cut will outline your frame, while the larger size will give you a sense of roominess.

2. The white wash, uber destroyed wash is not for everyone. Note that the distressed patches are your legs' cry for attention saying, "Hey! Look at me!" If this is not your intent, opt for an indigo dye with minimal distress.

3. The savory mood of distressed, oversized denim calls for the addition of classic styling. Try pairing your jeans with a classic button-up shirt, a structured bag, or a preppy striped print.

4. A pair of jeans that portray you just finished painting/building/intensive labor lend themselves to the masculine side of the fashion pendulum. Harmonize your look by adding touches of femininity through soft colors, a high heel, and don't forget the lipstick!

5. Finish off your look with sparkle. A shimmery necklace sends your brunch date the message that your outfit was not haphazardly thrown together after finishing household chores, but carefully planned to the finest detail. IMG_4677