TImeline of a Trend

The Peter Pan collar has been a must-have on every woman's fashion wish list for a while now, but have you ever wondered where a trend comes from and what makes it popular? In order for a trend to become mainstream and become a hit it needs a few key criteria. 

1. Innovation
2. Celebrity Endorsement
3. Accessibility 

The first time the flat, rounded collar emerged on the scene was in 1905 in the Broadway production of Peter Pan. Following opening night, women of the day went crazy for this trend and began incorporating the look into their wardrobes. 

In 1905, Peter Pan played by Maude Adams introduced this trend. In 2010, TV personality and fashion innovator Alexa Chung arrived to an event wearing a Peter Pan collar, becoming the first notable celebrity to wear it since the 1980's.

The following year, the trend exploded on the runway, and more celebrities began incorporating the trend.

And today when we walk into a store, we see the Peter Pan collar in many different styles. Here are a few of my favorites. 

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