To the Nines

Dressed to the nines possible origins-
(1) The British Army's 99th regiment in 1850, known for being snappy dressers
(2) a reference to the nine muses of Greek mythology
(3) the nine yards of fabric needed to make a suit
(4) Robert Burns pastoral poem "Thou paints auld Nature to the nines"
(5) Because nine is the highest single digit number, it symbolizes perfection
(mine) fixing your hair, coordinating a complete outfit, and going somewhere special like a date, church, or errands : )

Maxi Dress-Dillard's. Necklace-vintage. Watch-Charming Charlie. Sandals-Target.

You may wonder why I am wearing horizontal stripes, when I just told you it makes you look shorter. Stay tuned, we're going to talk about breaking rules soon!