Carry On Essentials

Today we continue our previous conversation about airplane traveling. Now that you've got your perfect outfit, let's talk about the contents of your in flight satchel.

1. Moisturizing mist to help combat the dry airplane cabin. Mineral Revitalizing Mist from E.L.F. cosmetics is the perfect compact size to meet airport security guidelines.
2. A healthy snack.
3. Breath mints or gum.
4. Seamless footie socks to slip on at security checkpoints instead of going barefoot.
5. ID/Passport (where applicable)
6. Chapstick. Philosophy's Kiss of Hope is a great option that provides both lip therapy and a hint of color.
7. ipad or tablet.
8. Antibacterial handsoap.
9. Reading material.

Of course you will need a charming bag to transport your goodies. Kaboo Bags are a great option because of the shock protection pocket for your tablet. The peek a boo chevron print doesn't hurt either.

Happy flying!