We're Moving

In the past we have explored packing lists for many different life occasions from the beach to the theme park. But what 
happens when a move obliges you to pack up your whole life? Follow this handy guide from U-pack for helpful tips to keep moving organized and effortless. Then come back soon to learn some new tips to packing up your entire wardrobe.

Carry On Essentials

Today we continue our previous conversation about airplane traveling. Now that you've got your perfect outfit, let's talk about the contents of your in flight satchel.

1. Moisturizing mist to help combat the dry airplane cabin. Mineral Revitalizing Mist from E.L.F. cosmetics is the perfect compact size to meet airport security guidelines.
2. A healthy snack.
3. Breath mints or gum.
4. Seamless footie socks to slip on at security checkpoints instead of going barefoot.
5. ID/Passport (where applicable)
6. Chapstick. Philosophy's Kiss of Hope is a great option that provides both lip therapy and a hint of color.
7. ipad or tablet.
8. Antibacterial handsoap.
9. Reading material.

Of course you will need a charming bag to transport your goodies. Kaboo Bags are a great option because of the shock protection pocket for your tablet. The peek a boo chevron print doesn't hurt either.

Happy flying! 

Some 'Wear' Beyond the Sea

My hope is that each of you get to escape sometime this summer. If your vacation takes you to the seashore, you will want a wardrobe to cover all your bases: beach, dinner, and strolling the boardwalk, all while embracing the notorious ease of the coastline. Packing can be a daunting task, and I'm here to help eliminate the headache so you can focus your energy on the relaxation ahead! 

Swimsuit and coverup- If you find yourself at the beach every day you will want two swimsuits. This will come in handy when one is sandy, or hasn't quite dried out from the previous day. You can wear the same coverup every day.

Mix and match tops- Keep in mind that the first day of travel counts as an additional outfit. Four tops should be plenty, especially considering that on the days you spend all day at the beach, your ensamble will only be on display for a couple of hours in the evening.

Jeans and skirts- You don't need colored jeans, but they add a pop of color, and sure are fun!  Skirts are a great option for warm days and can be paired with a cardigan to take your get-up from day to night.

Sweaters- With the unpredictable coastal weather, you will want to be prepared for it all, and sweaters are the ideal, lightweight option.

Shoes- Flip flops, dressy sandals, and ballerina flats are all you need from the beach to a late-night movie.

Now that we know what to pack, let's watch it all come together with these tips to convey effortless style with minimal wardrobe pieces.

Learn to love mixing and matching. These days, anything goes, so you should be able to get multiple uses out of the same pieces. Try a floral printed top paired with a structured skirt, and for a casual feel, trade the skirt for colored jeans.

floral top, mix & match

Take advantage of the cool coastal weather and layer. Layering is a great way to add panache to any ensemble and usually has to wait for the winter months. Sunny days and crisp nights allow the lucky chance to practice this timeless look. For this look, I traded one of my sweaters for a fitted blazer.
Untitled #9

Accessorize! Changing up a necklace or belt can change the entire attitude of an outfit. This allows you to re-wear a piece of clothing with a completely different look. Accessories are also great for trips because they don't take up much packing space, yet have a big impact on your overall appearance. 
Untitled #9

Happy vacation!