Color Palette: Summer

Summer Beauties:
Ivory to tan skin
Blue, blue-green, grey, or hazel eyes
Platinum blonde to mousy brown hair

Your Best Colors:
 (cool, subdued, light)
Rose brown, blue-green, light navy, grey, petal pink, 
teal, charcoal, orchid, light lemon, true red, 
pink, robin egg blue, mint, green, violet, 
pastel pink, powder blue, cranberry, blue, taupe,
ilver jewelry.

Wardrobe Cluster:

Make-up Shades:
Eyes: Contour- Blue, grey, plum, cocoa
Highlight- Soft pink, champagne, lavender, mint
Liner- navy, charcoal, blue, cocoa
Lips: Soft pink, raspberry, rose, plum
Cheeks: soft pink, raspberry

Celebrity to watch:
Reese Witherspoon