Love Your Color Palette

I used to love my new boxes of crayons. I loved placing each color back in its cardboard place holder, the little crayon sharpener on the back, and the creative names for each color. My favorite Crayola was cerulean. I had many different pronunciations for the color and truthfully never learned the correct one until years later watching Miranda Priestly lecture Andy in the Devil Wears Prada. In this video she teaches us a lesson not only in phonics, but color analysis as well: Once hue choices move beyond the coloring book, and onto our bodies they become more significant. Choosing the right colors to wear will make your eyes sparkle and your skin radiant. Whether cerulean, macaroni and cheese, shocking pink, or granny smith apple is right for you will depend upon the natural coloring of your skin tone and your hair color. Follow the flow chart below to bring you to your correct seasonal color category. After you arrive, come back later this week to discuss each season in further detail. Happy analyzing!