Love Your Fashion Personality

The key ingredient to defining your style is to discover your fashion personality. This is the internal voice you take shopping that tells you "This piece is so me." It is the reason that certain items speak to you while others are easy to leave on the hanger, and it is the constituent to every subsequent fashion choice you will make. We each have unique clothing preferences that make up our overall look, but our fashion choices can be broken up into five personality categories. I have organized the following fashion personality quiz to help you designate which category you belong to. 

1. Your ensemble is completed with:
A. Ruffles 
B. Fringe 
C. Stripes
D. Sequins
E. Studs

2. Your friends describe you as:
A. Innocent
B. Down to Earth
C. Traditional
D. Loud
E. Sassy

3. If you had $1,000 to buy clothes, you would splurge at:
A. Anthropologie
B. Free People
C. Ann Taylor
D. H&M 
E. Urban Outfitters 

4. It is most important for your clothing to be:
A. Pretty
B. Comfortable
C. Practical
D. Trendy
E. Tough

5. Which shoe do you identify with most?





Whose closet would you most like to raid?

A. Zooey Deschanel
B. Nicole Richie
C. Kate Middleton
D. Katy Perry
E. Gwen Stefani
Pencils down, ladies! Tally your results and come back tomorrow for a breakdown of the first fashion personality!