Style Showcase: Abbey

Today I am so thrilled to introduce the darling Abbey from Along Abbey Road. Abbey says, "My husband, Matt, my son, Luke, and our puppy live in Encinitas, CA where we like to pretend we are beach bums. Along Abbey Road is a place for me to share my personal style, DIY projects, and adorable, squishy-cheeked photos of the cutest baby alive (Luke). You think I'm biased? Yeah, you are probably right."

Her Outfits- My pink blazer and white pants outfit is my last go around with the white pants since it is entering the fall season. And I don't want to get on Stacy London's bad side for excessively wearing white pants after Labor Day ;)

Blazer- H&M. Tee- Old Navy. Pants- Chico's. Shoes- Flashbacks (local thrift store). Sunglasses- Free People.

Outfit 2- My yellow striped and mint pants outfit is what I like to call a good transition outfit from summer to fall. Since I live in Southern California, it's sunny here and not very practical loading on the layers when it is still 80 degrees in the autumn season. The colors are great for fall, but it still adds some summer fun with the hat and bright lips.

Shirt- Loft. Pants- Loft. Hat- Target. Platforms- JellyPop Shoes.

Her Personal Style- Free. I would describe my style as free. I don't really like being pigeon-holed into one style aesthetic. It really depends on my mood that day, week, or even month. Sometimes I like wearing ruffles, lace, and flowers. Together. Other days I am all about leather, studs, and black. Sometimes I go minimal and wear simple jewelry. Other days my accessories envy those of Man Repeller (which is HEAVY on the jewelry). I wear what I like and I am always looking for a way to reinvent my style.

Her Go-to Outfit- Since I am a mama, my go to outfit is a printed tee of some sort, colored denim, and flats. Cute, moveable, and spit-up friendly.

Her Favorite Product- I would die without MAC Opulash mascara. It creates beautiful, long lashes that could almost pass for lash extensions. Also, it doesn't flake, which is a big pet peeve. It is a little pricey, but I am telling you it is amazing!

Her Style Inspiration- I Everywhere! Blogs, magazines, people I see on the street, and Sienna Miller. I idolize that woman. Her style is the bomb (I can't believe I just said the bomb, but I am not taking it back). Also, I like to look for style inspiration in the unexpected things, such as a piece of art or grandmas! Call me crazy, but grannies know how to dress and accessorize!

Thanks for sharing your style and tips, Abbey! I'm off to the MAC counter to get in on her dreamy eyelashes!