Style Showcase: Jessica

Today's Style Showcase is all about Jessica. Jessica is a wife to a wonderful dude of almost 7 years & mother of the 2 cutest kids on the planet. She works one day a week as a speech-language pathologist for a local school district. She says, "I love to find tasty recipes and pretend to be a good cook (I’m just a good recipe finder thanks to Pinterest), play with family, watch movies, shop, and I sometimes pretend to be crafty."

Hair- Ponytail Monday. Shirt- Shade. Skirt- Shade. Belt- 10 years old. Necklace- F21. Sandals- Target. Earrings-made by me.

Her Personal Style- Relaxed preppy. I work part time, but I’m mostly at home. I try to buy things that I can easily wear at both places (and believe me when I say I wear jeans at work). When I’m at home, I’m being barfed on by a 6 month old and chasing around a dirt covered 2 year old all day. I buy things that are machine washable but will still look adorable 20 washes from now. I try to find items that are sassy and classic but comfortable. I think ballet flats and sandals are a girl’s best friend (except for on Sundays when sassy heels and painful feet are a must). Incorporating bright or showy accent pieces are the best way to sassify an otherwise boring outfit.

Her Celebrity Icon- Kate Middleton. She is completely classic, yet edgy in her own sophisticated sort of way.

Her go-to outfit- T-shirt (or comfortable equivalent), jeans, adorable shoes, and super fun jewelry. Keep the outfit simple and use accessories to make the outfit super cute. In the summer, skirts are my go-to clothing item, even if I have the pastiest legs on the planet. I think I’m entitled to be extremely white because I’m a redhead. 

Her fashion secrets- I try to incorporate animal print into many of my outfits. Maybe it’s
a little overkill or maybe it’s super awesome. I can’t decide. I love animal print, and it’s the quickest way to make you look adorable. Plus, it goes with everything. I often try to include a little animal print in my outfit via cardigans, earrings, shoes, belts, etc. Leopard: matches nothing but goes with everything (my motto). If I don’t feel like wearing animal print, big earrings are a must. They can take an otherwise boring outfit up a notch (or 10).

Thanks Jessica for sassifying the blogosphere today! (Love that new word) 

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