Style Showcase: Mindy

I'm so excited to introduce Mindy today! She blogs over at Nautical StripesShe is a graduate student married to a naval officer and currently resides in Charleston, SC for the time being. Mindy says, "I love vintage shopping, cooking, traveling, running, music, reading, and politics (although I don't share those publicly very often). My style blog is only a small part of me, but it definitely reflects my personality and I enjoy sharing that with everyone!"

Her outfits- I'm not going to lie, I kind of think this shirt looks like a picnic table cloth and I LOVE it because of that. Even better is that I bought this Ann Taylor button up at Goodwill for a few dollars. I couldn't help but rejoice. This is just another example of why I love thrifting!

Top- Goodwill. Necklace- eBay Shorts-J.crew Factory. Purse- Kate Spade via Shoes- Marshall's. Belt- J.crew.

Outfit 2- Well, I suppose it isn't a surprise that I'm sporting nautical stripes, but I can't help but pair J.crew's bateau top with their bright red Minnie pants (the spandex content makes them ridiculously comfy). The outfit is comfortable, yet put-together enough to run errands or grab lunch with friends.
Top- J.crew. Pants- J.crew. Bag- Michael Kors via TJMaxx. Jewelry: eBay. Loafter: Franco Sarto via Marshall's.  Lip gloss- NARS in Wonder.

Her Personal Style- If you were to make a word cloud about my style, it would most likely say: classic, nautical-inspired, vintage, Parisian-wannabe, preppy, colorful, feminine, sometimes tomboyish, and texture-obsessed.  I am pretty open to different looks and am willing to experiment with about anything.

Her Go-to Outfit- Striped bateau top, dark skinny jeans or cropped pants, boat shoes or ballet flats, and a large leather bag. Comfortable, yet put-together and classy.

Her Shopping Secret- I rarely pay full price on anything I buy. I always make sure to use my 15% student discount at J.crew too! Never forget to ask. I also sign up for Kate Spade's email list and and have been able to buy designer bags and clothing for 70% off.

Her Favorite Product- My latest obsession has been BB cream: Tinted moisturizer, wrinkle-cream, and skin brightening cream all in one! When I'm in a rush, I just use that, a little powdered bronzer on my cheeks and I feel good to go.

Her Style Inspiration- I get a lot of my vintage-look inspiration from old Hollywood movies. Living a year and a half in France also has inspired my style. I love the effortless and chic look so many Parisian women have. Lastly, I derive inspiration from my favorite stores and their stylings: J.crew, Madewell, Anthropologie, Modcloth, and Kate Spade.

Wow, did everyone take notes? Thanks Mindy for sharing your style and shopping tips! 
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