Style Showcase: Nicole

Nicole is studying education at ASU and loves every minute. She also writes a hilarious lifestyle blog over at Living with Fletch. She says, "My blog started out of pure boredom and is about my exciting personal life. I am recently married and constantly talk about my handsome husband Fletch. Sometimes I spice it up with fashion, food, or crafts but I stick with what I am good at... exaggerating the truth and twisting the facts." 
Now that we know a little more about Nicole, let's pick her brain to learn more about her adorable style. 
Shirt - forever 21. Necklace - Fallen Wistles. Cardigan - J. Crew. Pants - Urban.

Her Personal Style- My personal style is a little bit of everything. I can easily be wearing my Anthropologie jeans with my thrifted shirt for $6. Most days my outfit is loud and a statement. I try to stay with the newest fashion, but always try to make it my own.

Her Best Fashion Secret- Get a sassy baggy shirt. If you are ever feeling frumpy, lazy, or just don’t want to get ready, go and pull out that sassy baggy shirt. Pair it with a comfy skirt or jeans and you will be sure to rock the night away.

Her Celebrity Inspiration- Brooke White. Love her vintage flair and funky style.

Her One Beauty Must-Have- My beauty must have is my eyebrow pencil. I have recently been introduced and cannot look at myself in the morning until my eyebrows are on. Everyone needs to invest in this beauty must have.

Thanks for sharing your sassy style with us, Nicole. 

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