Style Showcase: Sarah

Today's post is all about Sarah. I have had the pleasure of knowing Sarah for many years, and she always looks adorable! In Sarah's words: "I'm originally from the Seattle, Washington area but I have resided in Arizona for the last 10 years. I am the mother of four darling girls who keep me busy!  I also love to read a variety of genres and if time allows, you might find me at the gym." 

Her outfits- 
Shirt-J Crew. Jeans-Gap. Shoes-Steve Madden. Necklace-10 yrs.old. Watch-Michael Kors. Bracelet-Anthropologie.

2nd outfit-

Dress- Nordstrom. Necklace- Anthropologie.

Her personal style-

Living in Seattle, which is known for rain and overcast weather, I often wore colors that reflected the climate. When I moved to Arizona my closet consisted of lots of black, white, and charcoal gray. It's been my mission to add color and fun to my wardrobe over the last several years....and man alive, I've discovered I love shoes! I am currently in love with neutral color shoes. I'm a short girl so I can often be found wearing shoes with heels for height. I have a whirlwind of hair which gives me some height as well : )   

Her go-to outfit-
I wish I was fancier but this mom loves a good pair of jeans! Amongst all the carpooling, concerts, and other kids' events, it's realistic for me to wear a nice pair of jeans and a bright shirt. I love Hudson brand jeans which you can find at Nordstrom on sale right now! I am also loving all the colored denim and find that the GAP brand fits me best and the price is reasonable. I never leave my house without jewelry. I love bauble necklaces, hoop earrings, and of course my Michael Kors watch.

Her beauty secrets-
Number one: Eyelash extensions. I wake up and my eyes look beautiful and there is no need to mess with mascara. Number two: Crest Whitening Strips. A beautiful smile is essential to feeling self-confident.

Her favorite product- 
I don't leave the house without my MAC LUMINARY lip gloss on.  PJ's or not, my lips are shiny at all times! As soon as these teeth are brushed, on goes my lipgloss!

Her style inspiration-
I have four daughters who give me the thumbs up or thumbs down when I come out of my room in a new outfit.

Thanks for sharing your bright and pretty style, Sarah! 
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