Body Type: Lower Figure

If you answered B, and have curvy hips and legs, and a smaller chest, you have a lower figure. Generally speaking, you should spend your money to clothe the area of your body that is most difficult to dress. Splurge on a pair of jeans that you love to wear and make you happy because you will wear them continually. Remember the importance of pocket placement. Choose pockets that are in proportion to your body. Small pockets will draw attention to the area, and accentuate your derierre. The skirts and dresses that best flatter your body type have a simple silhouette and an A-line drape. Create balance by having fun with your blouses and tops. Beading, sequins, peter pan collars, and high necks will all make your top half appear larger. A bold necklace will also bring the attention back to your face. Highlight the smallest part of your frame, the waist, with a belt or seam within the garment and finish off your look with a stacked heel or wedge. 

Lower Figure Casual

Lower Figure Fancy