Body Type: Upper Figure

If you answered mostly A, and have a well endowed chest and slender legs, you have an upper figure. V necks, scoop necks, and plain colored tops are all great options for you to flatter your body type. Necklaces that hit at the collarbone or below the bust line will elongate your frame, and drop earrings will bring the attention back to your face. A fitted jacket with a button closure will polish any of your outfits, and cinch in your waist. Don't forget the importance of a proper bra fitting, as the outfit is only as flattering as its foundation. Resist the urge to buy oversized potato sacks that hide your figure. Instead, play with color, pattern, and texture on your lower half to call attention away from your, ahem, ample bust. Try brightly colored demin, pleated and ruffled skirts, heavy fabrics, such as velvet, and bold prints to create a balanced look from headband to high heels.

Upper figure casual

Upper Figure Fancy