Love Your Body Type

Body type. Ouch. Perhaps the most dreaded component of Your Personal Style. I can relate as I have been turned off by many a magazine, website, or style book calling me a "pear." I am a woman, not a piece of fruit. I hope you will hear me out because knowledge is power and my intent is not to tell you all the things you can't wear. Each body type inherently comes with positive attributes as well as its own set of challenges. Most of us long to be whichever one we're not, but my goal is to help you like your body. Once we understand our bodies it becomes easier to clothe them and to love them! 

Each of us have a shape unique to us, but we will generally fit into one of five categories. Finding where you fit in can most likely be determined by answering the following question:

If you were to indulge in this little beauty, where on your figure would you see the results?
A. Bust &/back
B. Hips &/thighs
C. Tummy
D. Evenly distributed
E. Nowhere

A follow up question:
You find it most difficult to shop for:
 A. Blouses that close
B. Pants that fit
C. Blouses that don't cling
D. Blouses and pants
E. Nothing, clothes seem to be made for me

And finally the measurements. Grab a tape measure, a piece paper, and a pencil. Take a deep breath this is for scientific purposes only. 
1. Measure your bust at the widest part.
2. Measure your waist, somewhere near your belly button.
3. Measure your hips at the widest part.
4. Confirm your body type by the following equations:
A. Bust > hip measurement.
B. Hip > bust measurement.
C. Bust = waist = hip measurement, and overall look is soft and curvy.
D. Bust = hip measurement, 
 waist < hip & bust measurements
E. Bust = hip = waist, and overall look is angular and straight.

If you need further help, try this calculator or ask a trusted friend. Sometimes it's easier for others to see. 

Ok you made it past the hard part, all you need to do is remember A,B,C,D, or E and come back tomorrow to discuss each body type in more detail.